Scientium is a state level technical symposium conducted by school of science and humanities of Kongu Engineering College
Mathematical Applications in Engineering & Technology Concepts of Constants in Physics - A Journey Role of Polymers in Day to Day Life Innovative Strategies in Developing English Language Proficiency and Good Communication Skills
Chemistry Dr.S. Sathish Kumar Assistant Professor Mobile No :9942810199 English Ms. G.Chitra Assistant Professor (Sr.G) Mobile No : 8122940312 Mathematics Dr.M.Dhavamani Assistant Professor (Sr.G) Mobile No : 9842740601 Physics Dr.K.Maheswaran Assistant Professor Mobile No : 8973306570
CONTACT US GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS 1. A Student can participate in any one of the topics only. 2. Maximum of two students per team. 3. A Soft Copy (Power Point) in the form of CD is to be brought at the time of Presentation. 4. The participants must bring their Bonafide Certificate & ID card for Presentation without fail . DEADLINES 1. Full paper (Hard Copy Only) and Registration form to be sent to the convener on or before 20.02.2016 2. The List of selected candidates will be hosted on the web site ( on 24.02.2016
RULES The Papers(Hard Copy) and the registration form should be sent to
The School of Science and Humanities ( earlier Department of Science and Humanities ) had been celebrating Science Day in commemoration of the National Science Day each year to mark the discovery of the Raman effect by Indian physicist Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman , under the auspices of the Science Club of the Department. In this connection an event named POLYGON was held every year during which many contests like Paper Presentation, Quiz and Debate were conducted to hone the communication skills and enhance the general awareness of the students. The competitions were conducted not only for our students but also the students of other colleges statewide. Later for a brief period from 2007 to 2010 the competitions were confined only to our students. Once again from the academic year 2011 -12 onwards the event was renamed as Scientium – an aptly coined word to celebrate Science Day. In the year 2011 – 12 all competitions – Paper Presentation in the subject English, Maths, Physics and Chemistry, Quiz and Debate in English were conducted for students of our college as well as students of other colleges statewide. We used to have an overwhelming response from other institutions. Hence we had to restrict the competitions to due to lack of time. So for the past two years only paper presentation competition in all the four subjects is conducted for the benefit of our students as well as students from outside. The programme has been very successful in bringing out the latent talent of the budding engineers. The students are greatly benefitted in taking part in the competitions and also in the organization of the programme.
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Feb'29 2k16 Kongu Engineering College School of Science and Humanities proudly presents A State Level Technical Symposium Estimated tome left to show your talents.... Scientium For more details, contact the following Co-ordinators
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